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huntergatherer shared space 2016


Part of Art Gallery

Performance (6h) | 22.04.2016

this „social intervention performance“ was part of the Group-Exhibition „Don’t Mention Felix“, curated and organised by student of the seminar „Politische Theorie als Kunsttheorie“ by Dr. Renée Gadsden at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna.

huntergatherer shared space 2016

a social intervention against the over-regulation of public space by Felix Robert Huber.


„Du kannst in einer Demokratie nichts bewegen. Wir würden eine gemäßigte Diktatur brauchen, wo es ein paar Leute aus der Privatwirtschaft gibt, die sich wirklich auskennen.“
Felix Baumgartner

A fire-place. Always the center of every community. A gathering space to chat, share, eat and feel safe in the light and warmth of the fire. A shared-space defines a public space shared equally and without fear by all participants. I feel the need to recreate basic social gathering spaces in public, to counteract a certain form of widespread anticipatory obedience in today’s liberl society.

The goal of this performance is to do something humane and rather normal, while at the same time adressing and provoking reactions from passer-bys since we drifted so far from this basic human need to gather and share, that the idea of practicing it in public space seems unthinkable.




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