Felix Huber. 2020
(ein Raum, ein Körper, mehrere Masken aus Seife, digital hd video 1080×1920)
Performance, ca. 120′
Video-Performance, ca 8′
Masquerade, in art as in real-life, enables us to take control over out being, while existence very much feels like loosing control. Smooth shapes. It doesn’t hurt. It’s not rough. It’s likable. It offers no resistance. Smooth black ice.


Originally conceived as a live-performance piece, the first iteration of the piece was shown as a video. The result attempted to be more than just a documentation, but rather a media-translation.
For the VBKÖ the piece is going back to it’s roots of a durational one-to-one performance.
A body, soap and water. People are able to constantly drop in; and out, while ever so slight transformations occur.