Project Pinwheel

Spatial Design.
Technical Direction.

Spacial Design and Technical Director

Tanz*Hotel Wien, Kyoto Art Center and Aoyama Theatre Tokyo

September 4th until September 19th 2014


fifoo.pinwheel is a coproduction between fifoo.program and various experienced artists.

fifoo is specifying and directing a particular subject to chosen choreographers and to provide a train of thoughts for inspiration to create an own unique solo-performance in form of a commissioned work. The artists themselves will convey how to translate and to interpret this subject. The liberty of finding his or her personal approach to this subject is our main concern. This format shall support the artists in their confidence to „talk“ about personal life and experiences on stage.

The basic idea is to share, to develop and to build a physical consciousness of tradition: Movement shall become history.

3 Solo Performances | 1 Evening | 3 different Artists