remebering that; which was never experienced


Felix Huber. 2018
(digital inkjet prints, various sizes)
In my work, I try to engage with questions of the duality of absence and presence. When I came to Salzburg, I went to visit places I had vague memories of, trying to engage with the co-presence of that memory, the present and my personal expectations. I first went for a place, I remembered as a place of stop and go transit.
In the light of recent developments, I expected everything, except for a dead-end road that had been replaced by a roundabout. It was then that I received a phone call, that made me aware of a nearby former boarding school that my father attended briefly, in the seventies, before being kicked out after just a couple of years. Have you ever been to a school during a public holiday? It is a strange place. Its emptiness. The absence of youth and human life is strikingly contrasting the functions of school architecture. Long hallways, appear next to laundry- and dining rooms, lockers and sports facilities. Much has changed from the seventies until now. The school has expanded, the “internal” pupils are almost all gone. The all boys school has since opened to include also girls. This series of photographs attempts to unite snippets of memory and as found material to allow for a process of remembering something, which has never been experienced. Salzburg, July 2018

Exhibition View